The PLAY Formula Interview, Part 1

(originally from the Soundcloud KCSB Broadcast):

“Find your JOY GROOVE” with Dr. Susan Lange OMD, LAc, author of The PLAY Formula, to Boost Your Inner Immunity during these stressful times. It’s fun and it’s free!

Dr. Susan Lange OMD, LAc


The PLAY Formula Interview, Part 2

Dr. Susan Lange OMD, LAc


Interview with Dr. Annette Goodheart

Dr. Annette GoodheartEnjoy this enlightening interview with laughter coach, Dr. Annette Goodheart


Interview with Professor Jeffrey Davis

Professor Jeffrey DavisDiscover the all-time top comedy movie pics of University Professor Jeffrey Davis from his book, “27 Top Inspirational Comedy Classics” and why he recommends them. Mr. Davis is Chair and Associate Professor of Screenwriting at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California.


Article in Published! Magazine

Article in magazineClick Here to read feature article in Published! Magazine




The PLAY Formula at the Breast Cancer and Laughter Summit

Dr. Susan Lange & Dr. Julian Lange speak with male breast cancer survivor, Khevin Barnes, about “THE P.L.A.Y. FORMULA” for the Breast Cancer and Laughter Summit, 2016, about their light-hearted but serious look at health conditions such as cancer and autoimmune diseases and how the right kind of play can help.