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The P.L.A.Y. Formula: Boost Your Immune System in 4 Easy Steps

The P.L.A.Y. Formula™ was featured in Published! Magazine

The P.L.A.Y. Formula: Boost Your Immune System in 4 Easy Steps

The P.L.A.Y. Formula™ book cover


The P.L.A.Y. Formula

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Dr. Susan Lange, OMD, L.Ac. Bio

susan langeDr. Susan Lange, OMD, L.Ac. works with visionaries, thought leaders and business owners who deeply want to contribute to society and make lasting changes, but become exhausted, overwhelmed or even sick by the challenges, stresses and responsibilities that come with it. Often the bigger the impact that we want to make, the greater the challenges are that emerge in the areas of relationships, health, success, money and/or soul.

Through Susan’s private practice, courses, books, audio programs, workshops, retreats and personal mentoring, she guides her readers, clients, and students in pursuing their path and mission in life without anxiety and stress… without their old baggage… and without losing their core. Her genius is in taking complex health issues, old trauma patterns, stressful life challenges, and breaking them down… dissolving the overwhelm… offering solutions that translate into light, simple, doable action steps – all under the umbrella of her Core Light Program.

But don’t mistake her fun, easy manner for the normal, superficial skin-deep fluff that one often finds on the Internet. Her students often call her “The Real Deal,” because not only does she teach in a light-hearted and joyful way, she connects with them in a seriously deep place, as well.

Susan has been in the healing profession for a very long time – well over thirty years. She first trained in Oriental Medicine in Hong Kong in 1974, and then in the United Kingdom, with post graduate work in China and the United States.

Dr. Lange passed her Acupuncture training with flying colors and taught at the International College of Oriental Medicine in the United Kingdom. In 1985 she studied with Dr. Li during post graduate work in China. Li was the doctor who not only developed the acclaimed “Flying Needle Technique”, but had also treated New York Times Journalist, James Reston, in 1971 just prior to Nixon’s historic visit to China. Because of his own successful emergency surgery and experience with Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Herbal treatment, Reston then wrote a stunning article, thus introducing Americans to the health benefits and fascinating world of Chinese medicine.

Susan also trained with Psychiatrist, Dr. John Pierrakos in Core Energetics, a form of Body Oriented Somatic Psychology, and in Healing Science, with former NASA physicist, Dr. Barbara Brennan at the Brennan School of Healing. This led her to explore and work with earlier sources of family, generational and community trauma. She spent several years studying pre-natal and infant trauma healing with Dr. Ray Castellino, and is skilled in biodynamic cranio sacral therapy, and works with the trauma of accidents and injuries.

She’s found a way to take complex health and life challenges from her decades of private practice and teaching, and turn them into fun, simple, easy solutions and strategies, in a way that is easy to read and understand so that you can instantly carry them out in your daily life. (Perhaps her Honors Degree in Languages from her earlier life helps.)

How can she do this? Look, she’s been there…

She knows what it’s like to be burned out, overwhelmed and sick as a dog. Following an adventurous impulse, she hitchhiked to India from England at the age of twenty during a university vacation. There, she encountered amoebic hepatitis, which then developed into chronic fatigue syndrome and environmental illness.

Undeterred, she sought ways to heal herself, and went on to pioneer and build the first ever non-toxic “beyond green” clinic in Santa Monica, California, with her husband, Dr. Julian Lange, OMD, L.Ac., and their distinguished team.

She then learned what it was like to sacrifice herself in service to others, while running her pioneering visionary business. (Hint: A painful lesson!)

After recovering, she felt compelled to share the insights and expertise gained, through her simple, yet uniquely transformational system.

In a nutshell, the unique system that Susan has developed, The Core Light Program, is designed to help visionaries, thought leaders and company owners transform old patterns of trauma, suffering, and sickness into lightness and joy, to have a more effective impact in the world.

Jim Sniechowski

“Susan Lange is one of the most masterful process masters I have ever seen… Susan really is a master at what she does.”
– Jim Sniechowski, PhD, Psychologist, co-founder of “Bridging Heart and Marketing” on his experiences at the Birth Patterns, Life Patterns Healing Retreat


“The most impressive and effective personal growth experience I have ever experienced. .. Worth everything. More powerful than years of therapy with even an experienced therapist.”
– Judith Sherven, PhD, Author/Speaker, co-author of “The Heart of Marketing – Love Your Customers and They Will Love You Back”

“This workshop has been the most grounding and heart opening experience of my life!”

– Christian Fry, Film & Television Producer, Santa Monica, CA

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