We’ve put together a series of “Healing Miracles” to share with you.  In these “miracles,” you’ll discover the Universal Laws of Healing that these courageous people have tapped into to make remarkable recoveries… or peaceful, purposeful transitions.

Don Factor’s Triumph over Cancer … 20 years later!

Don Factor

The amazing true story of one man’s miraculous recovery from a deadly and advanced cancer.

Click on the “PLAY” button to hear Don’s story… or download the mp3 below Don’s picture.


Click here to download a PDF transcript of Don’s interview.

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How Laughter and Humor Helped Dina with her Brain Cancer

Dina Ferreira

Meet Dina, who was not willing to accept only six months of life remaining with the brain cancer diagnosis she was given.

With laughter, enjoyment, clean food, inspirational thoughts and funny movies and a purpose in life, Dina lived another four happy years.

Click here to hear Dina’s interview


How Rodger Hyodo Healed from Traumatic Brain Injury

Rodger Hyodo

A serious motorcycle accident left half of Rodger Hyodo’s body paralyzed and unable to speak, except for four words.

Instead of giving up, Roger went through an intensely deep healing journey and regained his health, his spirit, his mobility… and discovered the powerful universal “Laws of Healing.”

Rodger’s inspirational story is in two parts. The first part includes this story. The second part explains “The Hyodo Effect” – how Roger was able to do physical movements he first thought were impossible.




How Rev. Marilyn Miller Recovered From Stage 4 Cancer