A Course In Laughter

A Self-Paced Immersion in the Art and Science of “Situational Comedy”
with Steve Bhaerman (aka Swami Beyondananda)


Universally, people seem to want the same things:
Wake Up Laughing with Swami Beyondananda

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Loving relationships
  • Financial security
  • Meaningful work
  • Enjoyment, leisure and play

And guess what?

A healthy sense of humor can help us achieve all of the above!

Skeptical? Just ask brain scientist Scott Weems, author of “HA: The Science of When We Laugh and Why.” Here are some quotes from his book about the value of humor:

“Nearly every aspect of our lives is improved by focusing on humor.”

“Studies show that humor improves our health, helps us get along better with others, and even makes us smarter.”

“Humor doesn’t just make us healthier — it improves our quality of life.”

“Humor makes us better workers, students, managers …”

“People who rate high on tests of intimacy have a good sense of humor.”

Oh… and humor is FUN.

And I have better news…

The good news is, just about anyone can learn to find, cultivate and use humor more effectively.

The better news is that I have created a self-paced training that offers total immersion in the art and science of bringing more heart-opening laughter and mind-expanding comedy to your life and world.

A Course In Laughter is a 4-month, self-paced journey that teaches four funny yet profound practices AND explores how to apply humor to relationships, to business, and to your personal development, period. And … you will learn the finer points of how to “think like a comedian”. Best of all, you will enJOY the journey as you bring joy to your body, mind, spirit and world. This natural sense of wellbeing is the magnetic attractor that makes other people look at you and say, “I’ll have what THEY’RE having.”

The Course is designed for busy people who want to bring the magic of humor into their lives, at their own pace and in their own time. The downloadable materials in this course can be accessed and digested as wanted and needed. Imagine a class you look forward to because it’s so much fun. You’ll laugh while you learn, and learn while you laugh.

Actually, the Course is two courses in one.

It includes all the material from a prior class, Wake Up Laughing and Leave Laughter in Your Wake:

  • Six 75-minute class sessions, downloadable as MP3 files
  • Six 45-minute recorded interviews with awakened people who are funny, and funny people who are awakened, also downloadable as MP3’s
  • An 85-page Sillybus filled with enlightening information, playful practices, and links to helpful resources

And the new course material:

  • Four 75-minute live sessions on the four principles of cosmic comic consciousness, held on four Tuesdays — July 21st, August 18th, September 25th and October 22nd from 5:00 to 6:15 pm PT (recordings available in case you miss them)
  • Sixteen 75-minute interviews on Humor and Relationships, Humor and Business, Humor and Transformation, and How to Think Like a Comedian
  • A brand new Sillybus with a treasure trove of online resources to help you go even deeper in your areas of interest
  • Access to our private Facebook group that offers an opportunity to post, comment and share with other class members

The cost is just $129 … and if you’d like one-on-one coaching too, you can buy the premium package for $199, which includes all of the above and one hour of personal coaching, a $150 value all by itself.

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If you’re ready to discover, enjoy and employ the “special sauce” of laughter, comedy and joy that will brighten and enlighten any endeavor, strike while the irony is hot and register now. The laugh you save may be your own.

May the FARCE be with you,

Steve Bhaerman
Swami Beyondananda